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"The 12-Hour Film Expert: Everything You Need to Know about Movies

Posted By: tarantoga
"The 12-Hour Film Expert: Everything You Need to Know about Movies

Noah Charney, James Charney, "The 12-Hour Film Expert: Everything You Need to Know about Movies"
English | ISBN: 1538173425 | 2024 | EPUB/PDF | 248 pages | 3 MB/7 MB

The only book you need to become an expert on film history, technique, and appreciation. This "gateway book will deepen readers’ appreciation of milestone movies." (Library Journal)

If you are looking at this book, then you probably love watching movies and television shows. Who doesn’t? But most of us do so as passive entertainment—to wind down, relax, and escape into alternative worlds. Pay close attention though, and you can enhance your movie-watching experience and deepen your appreciation for the art of film. This book will show you how.

In The 12-Hour Film Expert, Noah Charney and James Charney offer readers all they need to know about how films are made and how to watch them in a more thoughtful way. Through twelve chapters covering a wide array of genres and periods, the authors highlight key films in each area of focus and explore important figures and more recent films to help readers develop their core understanding of films, ranging from comedies to silent films, noirs to romances, and everything in between.

Most importantly though, readers will learn how to truly watch movies. The 12-Hour Film Expert asks essential questions: What did the key films do differently? How did they push the envelope, establish new precedents? The result is a capsule-sized “course” in film appreciation. The only book readers need to master their grasp of film history, technique, and appreciation, it is perfect for movie lovers of all ages.

Grab the popcorn and settle in!