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«The Ones Before» by F.D.Brant

Posted By: Gelsomino
«The Ones Before» by F.D.Brant

«The Ones Before» by F.D.Brant
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The myths have always been. They speak of an ancient people far advanced of where they are today. Yet, nothing has been found to show the Ones Before had ever existed, or lived sometime in the deep past. Still, those in the present time had to come from somewhere, why not the Ones Before?
Jllon, the Head Keeper of the Past, hoped to put these myths to rest. Yet, other leaders have tried to either prove or disprove their existence — to no avail. They only found artifacts and writings that were of their own known past. The Ones Before were like the dust in the wind — seemingly existing in their consciousness, but having no real substance — disappearing when the winds ceased. So how does one begin, and where does one go to search . . . that is the question isn’t it?
If the Ones Before existed then somewhere there has to be proof. After all, it is a mystery that should be solved. And with this push to map the major trails and remote villages, maybe that time is now.