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First Class Kitten Club

Posted By: Sigha
First Class Kitten Club

First Class Kitten Club
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Where your kitten is treated as the first class catizen that they are!

What you'll learn
Feel confident about about being a first time kitten owner
Get answers to 20+ of the most common questions new kitten owners have
Understand the basic health care your new kitten needs in their first 6 months
Keep you and your family healthy by understanding why treating your cat for worms is important
Learn when is the best time for neutering and what you can do to make sure your cat is not in pain
Get a downloadable calendar to keep track of your kitten's vaccines, worming and more for their first 6 months

No requirements, you can take this course before or after you get your new kitten

Inside the First Class Kitten Club you will get everything you need to make sure your kitten gets the best start in life. Cats are often treated as second class citizens at the vet, and I want to change that. The First Class Kitten Club is all about making sure your cat gets the best veterinary care and the best start in life. Its topics include what to feed your kitten, if you should groom your kitten and if teeth brushing is important.It will also help you to ensure that your kitten stays pain free after their neutering procedure. If you are unsure if you need to vaccinate your new kitten or treat them for fleas and worms, that is covered too! I will also also walk you through the most common reasons new kittens do not use their litter box.If you are a new kitten owner, the First Class Kitten Club will answer over 20 of the most common questions new kitten owners have, as well as set you up with habits to ensure your kitten stays well for as long as possible. Plus, you get a downloadable calendar to help you keep track of your kitten's needs and stay organised in their first 6 months.The First Class Kitten Club is brought to by Eleanor Flynn, one of the most experienced cat vets in the UK who has spent her entire career caring for cats and their owners. Eleanor is one of only 36 Advance Practitioners in Feline Medicine in the UK. She currently works at the Oxford Cat Clinic, one of the most well respected cat clinics in the country.

Who this course is for:
For all cat owners, but especially for new kitten owners or anyone intending to get a kitten

First Class Kitten Club

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