Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing Systems for Industry 4.0

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Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing Systems for Industry 4.0

Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing Systems for Industry 4.0
by Vijaya Kumar Manupati

English | 2022 | ISBN: 0367643022 | 265 pages | True PDF | 20.39 MB

The current perspectives of smart and sustainable manufacturing systems hold important implications for current practices and understanding these concepts for further implications. This comprehensive reference text discusses both centralized and decentralized production systems, using variety of new cutting-edge approaches to solve the problem.

The text covers simulation-based approaches including social network-based approaches, discrete event-based approaches, and knowledge based for smart and sustainable systems. It further covers mathematical models such as single-objective, multi-objective, and many-objective. The text discusses important topics including energy efficiency, transportation constrains for efficient and effective production, meta-heuristic and hybrid algorithms, and real-time monitoring and analysis for smart and sustainable production.

This book-

• Presents approaches to improve the objectives of sustain-ability and smart production systems.

• Discusses Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) concepts and its implementation for production systems.

• Covers social network analysis method in distributed manufacturing systems.

• Examines reckoning prognostics and diagnostics to monitor the health of the systems in perspective of distributed manufacturing.

• Discusses aspects of Industry 4.0 in specific production systems.

The text will be useful for graduate students and professional in the fields of mechanical engineering, production engineering, industrial engineering, and manufacturing.